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Company profile

Dalian AIX Facilities Management Service Co., Ltd. is a high-quality service company integrating cleaning service, greening maintenance service, killing service, parking lot management service, facilities management service and property management service. The company's business covers residential, commercial property, office buildings, multi-functional complex buildings, government and other public facilities, industrial parks, parks and schools.
      Through years of service market scale, combined with multi industrialization industry service foundation, the company has more advanced management experience and exquisite professional skills, no matter from the modern management mode or on-site service quality: always adhering to the principle of "customer-oriented, people-oriented, service priority, quality oriented" and "service innovation beyond, customer satisfaction oriented" Service quality policy and purpose, always in line with the "integrity and pragmatic, details first, innovation and efficiency, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise, service every customer! To provide customers with property management, professional cleaning, security services, facilities management, office support and other one-stop services, so that customers can focus on their core business work.

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    The property management team has gathered a large number of technical and management talents. They have rich experience in facility maintenance environmental remediation safety supervision building management and so on. They are technically professional a
  • Diversified services

    / Diversified services /

    Property management covers a wide range of services including residential property services non residential property services non owner value-added services community value-added services etc. Let customers enjoy meticulous care
  • Considerate service

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    Property has always been adhering to the customer-oriented people-oriented service priority quality oriented and service innovation beyond customer satisfaction oriented service quality policy and purpose serving every customer! To bring warm and consider

Over the years, the company won the reputation

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